Sobering figures

I counted up the number of bottle that Henry and I have been getting through in a year: 8 in the average week and as many as 28 a week when on holiday. That’s 6 weeks a year. So, (46 x 8) + (28 x 46) = 536. That’s a staggering number of empties we’ve taken to recycling. And 536 empty bottles amounts to about 268 kg of glass. Or a quarter of a tonne.

Counting the calories is just as toe-curling. The average bottle of wine has a calorie equivalent of around 635. Our year’s worth of wine therefore adds up to 340,360 calories. Because 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45 kg) of fat, we were each effectively putting on 22 kg weight per year just from consuming wine. Which we didn’t, of course, because we burnt off the calories by going to the gym or running. Extreme drinking requires extreme exercise just to break even.

Doctor dudes, that’s crazy!

We’d become slaves to the vino like a hamster on a wheel.

Then there’s the cost. Henry would sometimes splash out on more expensive wines on the basis that we would drink less if we savoured every mouthful, but it never worked for me. I usually chose £10 bottles that were reduced by 25% on the Ocado website – ‘The Ned’ Sauvignon Blanc, for example. 536 x £7.50 is a sizeable chunk of money. Enough for a return in BA Club World to Cape Town, as it happens.

The Mother City – and endless vineyards

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